Thursday, April 03, 2014


I not only can't upload pictures to blogger, now I can't upload links. The thing is becoming more dysfunctional by the day.
If I were able to post something, which I am not, I would comment on the attire of generals. It struck me, on observing the general who gave a press statement on the latest shooting at Fort Hood was wearing combat fatigues. Now I am pretty sure that the military has dress uniforms for military officers. Some of them even include swords! What is the use of military officers if they don't get dressed up? Check out the photos of General McArthur wading ashore at the Phillipines. Did he look special or what? And when he accepted the surrender of Japan on a naval vessel, with the emperor wearing top hat and tails, did McArthur let the side down by wearing something more suitable for cleaning out the garage?
Yes, even General Petraeus wore fatigues when testifying before Congress. If that is not an occasion demanding formal wear, what is? Yet the general looked like he was wearing his jammies, albeit with a chest full of medals.
If I ever testify before Congress, which is highly unlikely, I will dress up in a fetching business suit or becoming dress, not in my paint-stained blue jeans. But that's just me.

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Dick Stanley said...

I have no patience with the fools who pass themselves off as generals these days. If they were competent there'd be no Fort Hood massacres.

My problem is the reverse, the way everyone in the Army now dresses alike. Used to be you could tell the riflemen from the clerks and bottle washers. Today there's no obvious difference and you'd best believe the pogies (the c&bw boys and girls)like it that way.

My cousin-in-law, the Army dentist loved (he's moved on to private practice now)the way people in the groceries deferred to him as if he were in combat arms.