Saturday, April 19, 2014

Chris Christie's doom

It's so easy to destroy a politician; to make it impossible for anyone to take him seriously ever again. Dan Quayle did himself in when he spelled potato wrongly; he was forever branded as stupid. No brilliant idea or action could save him from the wrath of the evil potatoe. His political career went up in smoke.
Edmund Muskie is an example of the same thing from the other side of the aisle. He had tears in his eyes at some political event and was ever after regarded as a sniveling idiot. And don't forget Michael Dukakis in the tank. No amount of military weaponry could save him after that.
Now it's Chris Christie's turn. The news media tried to go after him for being fat, but the American people were not impressed; they could afford to lose a few pounds themselves and did not hold his excessive avoirdupois against him.  After all, their ancestors had elected William Howard Taft to the Presidency, and he had to have a new bathtub ordered especially for him.
But Christie has finally met his match. He submitted his e-mails and all his correspondence to a committee which found him guiltless, but a lot of good that did him. All his opponents have to do is say "George Washington Bridge" and no-one, including the Pope, can save his political career. The chinek hackers are after him, and will pound on that tea kettle forever.


Dick Stanley said...

Hugging Wormtongue wasn't enough, after all, for the Democrat media to play nice with him. He might have learned from McCain.

Glad to see you have your comments back, Miriam. I was beginning to wonder what was up.

miriam said...

Why would he learn from McCain? McCain (0f McCain-Feingold) never learned anything.

Dick Stanley said...

McCain learned that the news media he thought were his buddies really were partisan Democrats when he ran for president as a Republican.