Thursday, March 13, 2014

What about all those library books?

I should stay away from libraries. They are all right when staffed by people who report to me, when I run up a total of 50 overdue books everyone takes it as a good joke. And the children's librarian has a longer list than me. But the local libraries insist I play by their rules.
About that latest library book I lost: Damn it, I didn't even finish reading it!I have looked everywhere at least twice, and am beginning to entertain the idea that I dug a hole in the garden and buried it, Except, wait!--the ground has been too hard to dig in as well as covered with snow.
I keep trying to reduce my inventory of books, which are not only filling shelves but exploding in piles in every room. No one can believe the number of books I donate to the AAUW, the Good Will, and other charities. But they keep multiplying.

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