Friday, December 20, 2013

Still more about Hannibal

Did you know Hannibal practiced diversity? No kidding. His troops included Carthaginians (Semites), Numidians (black, I think), Gauls, and various Italians he picked up during the course of his long rampage, and God knows what else. This multicultural gang enjoyed pillaging, raping and enslaving their enemies in perfect harmony, without a cross word. And they killed them in large numbers. Of course, their enemies would have done it to them if they could. So that makes it all right.
Anyway, that's the way business was conducted in the ancient world.
I just finished reading about the Battle of Cannae. What a bloodbath! And to think the Romans came back after that. But Hannibal certainly gave them something to think about.
My apologies to those of my readers to whom this is all old stuff.


Julie Zdrojewski said...

Sounds like you would recommend this biography - what is the title?

On my shelf, unread, is Adrian Goldsworthy's "Cannae." It's part of a series called "Cassell's Fields of Battle." Thank you for inspiring me to move it to the "Read Soon" pile.

miriam said...

Hannibal by Serge Lancel. I looked it up on Amazon and it is quite pricy. I bought mine at a book sale, for maybe one or two dollars.