Monday, June 17, 2013

I am not blogging as frequently because...

blogger has become less user-friendly. I have an enormous collection of photographs in Picasa. It used to be super-easy to transfer photos to blogger; there was a button which said "blog this," you pressed it, and there it was. I've been using blogger for 7 years now and it was ever thus. However, the button has now disappeared. My daughter tells me to figure it out--it will stimulate my brain, according to her. But the last thing I want is stimulation of my brain. Thinking through problems is frustrating, vexing, and a waste of time. I have half-heartedly tried to go around this problem, but doing it the roundabout way is clumsy, kind of like rubbing your belly and patting your head at the same time. I thought this was a subtle inducement to using blogger+, but it isn't. Blogger+ is just a pointless new way to waste time on the Internet. Like Facebook and its peers.

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Julie Zdrojewski said...

Hello Miriam,

My sincere condolences on your recent loss. My thoughts are with you.

As to your problem with adding photos to your posts, I upgraded to the new Blogger as well. Although I do not use Picasa, I do add photos, and I begin by clicking the little photo icon at the header of the post composition page.

A working pane slides down into view and you, implicitly, "From Where?"

At the left is a list of possibilities. You click on "From Picasa web albums."

If the part following that remains annoying, then you could start by downloading from Picasa photos you want to a dedicated folder on your desktop. Then when at Blogger Create Post, click instead "Upload." That will yield a working pane showing your own computer folder system - Finder, in Apple - and you select on the folder you desire.

If this continues to annoy, remember the option of inviting a neighbor kid in to show you this in exchange for food.

Julie Zdrojewski