Sunday, May 06, 2012


My Keurig coffeemaker declines to make coffee. What do you do about an appliance that's too cheap to repair and too expensive to replace? There used to be a little old man in a little old shop in Rutherford, NJ, who would fix your small appliance for a small sum. Such enterprises no longer exist. I miss him.


Anonymous said...

They still exist in Brooklyn.
Why don't you come over and bring everything from the house that needs repair?! We even have a shoemaker who just done seasonal maintenance on my winter shoes

miriam said...

I'd love to, but the dryer won't fit in the trunk of the car.

Seriously, I doubt I'll see Brooklyn again for a long time, but if I do, we'll get together. I love Brooklyn.

Anonymous said...


Harvey said...

I'm not familiar with your brand of coffee maker, but I had a little $35 espresso maker that stopped working. Turns out it was just clogged with hard water deposits.

Ran a pot of vinegar through it and it worked fine.