Friday, September 30, 2011

Fallling off?

I started wondering why I was not getting as many comments as I used to. Maybe I was a better writer a few years ago? So I went through my early work (up to a point) and can report that I haven't gotten any worse--or any better--over the past 5-6 years. My material may have gotten worse, since I ran out of amusing family anecdotes quite a while ago. Will try to think up some more, or maybe I can make some up. I usually write what I feel like writing. I try to check the grammar and spelling, but I am not going to polish my work. Dr Johnson said a man who does not write for money is a fool. I don't mind being a fool, again up to a point, but I refuse to be--what's the inoffensive way to say idiotic?


Kitten said...

I've been reading your posts with interest and always look forward to new ones, just don't have anything to add.

It's a sad thing when your spam is more interesting than me.

miriam said...

You are way more interesting than my spam--but not as goofy.

Thanks for commenting. I love hearing from you.