Friday, August 12, 2011

The advantages of being an atheist

I've never understood why atheists continue to write long and vehement books about their beliefs or lack of same. The existence of God cannot be proved, or disproved, and no book can add anything to the discussion. Why can't atheists just relax?

There are positives to being an atheist. They have more time than church/mosque/synagogue attenders, seeing that they don't have to go to church/mosque/synagogue and don't have to feel guilty about it if they sleep late on Friday/Saturday/Sunday morning. They don't have to fast on Yom Kippur or Ramadan, give something up for Lent, or send out those boring Christmas letters. They need not suffer from Jewish/Catholic/ Muslim guilt. They don't have to obey the 10 commandments; they don't even have to know what they are.

Instead of taking advantage of the extra time, they file lawsuits against prayers at public meetings, protest Christmas decorations, and write those dreary books.


Anonymous said...

They don't force believers to read those books, do they? But if they don't believers will adapt their rabbi/mullah/priest' dehumanizing and condemnation of atheists. I heard too many times to list how some Catholic dummy would be shocked, shocked and appalled that I don't follow in his fairy tales and would express his [positively medieval] assurance that I'm ripe for damnation and will rot in hell upon my demise.
Whereas if certain percentage of relatively sane believers read atheists' book(s) there is still at least a chance they will question their ridiculous faiths and realize - they are the onece that abnormal and not us. And maybe, maybe, some of them even think a bit about those so called "10 commandments" and came to the same conclusions that we did: that morals and ethics evolve in societies and cultures regardless of make-believe stories and are independent and a person does not need a crutches of of some mythical creatures' "teachings" to be a moral, sociable and decent member of society.

One can but hope.

Anonymous said...

It is true that we file lawsuits, and protest prayers at STATE funded public meetings. Freedom of religion also means freedom from religion or lest we forget that the pilgrims left for that reason. Also there is supposed to be a separation of church and state, but clearly this line has become blurred. I do not want to here about why gay people can't get married b/c it goes against or leaders religion. The right for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are the foundations of our country. This does not, nor should not, mean inside of the religious parameters of other people. As long as a persons actions do not bring harm to others what they choose to do with their lives should be up to them. If everytime a group asked for equal rights the church didn't do everything in their power to stop it the maybe we would back off. The fact remains however, we are at war with religion. Our side ask only for equal treatment under the law and freedom FROM religion. The other side using scare tatics and spreading hate to ensure they maintain power held for over a thousand years.