Tuesday, July 05, 2011

About that French guy with the girl's name...

Dominique something?

I was trying to imagine the mechanical aspect of his interaction with the hotel maid. How do you, without a weapon, force someone to commit a Lewinsky? Didn't the woman, er, have teeth?

Just asking.

And the victim! A black, single mom, unlettered, a widowed undocumented immigrant, who undoubtedly attended morning mass every day. All she needed to make her the perfect victim was a wooden leg. Too good to be true. Sadly.


Anonymous said...

You forgot
a) not just a single mom, but a 32yo single mom with a 15yo daughter.
b) a Muslim
c) a resident of special housing for patients with AIDS.

What a lovely irony for a socialist-lefty like Strauss-Kahn!
[you can tell I'm enjoying the bruhaha...]

miriam said...

I have no doubt she also rides a bicycle to work--from the depths of Brooklyn-- in order to leave a smaller carbon footprint.