Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Teaching hospitals can kill you

This has a special resonance with me, as a teaching hospital recently killed my father.  True, he was 99 and needed a pacemaker; but did he really need one that was infected due to carelessness?

There is ample evidence that this infection killed him; his body, at his age, could not fight off the infection.

What angers me is that the lounge chair in which they had placed him had a thick layer of dust on its platform.  When I mentioned this to one of the nurses, she stated, "That is not our first priority,"  the inference being that she was too busy saving lives to worry about mere cleanliness and did not need to be taught her work by clods such as me.

I also noticed hospital personnel coming and going from his room without gloving or sanitizing their hands.

Isn't scrupulous cleanliness the minimum one can expect from a hospital?

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Anonymous said...

The only thing (apart from infection) you can be sure to expect is the huge bill