Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The money from Internet scammers...

just keeps rolling in.

I received this e-mail this morning:

We wish to inform you that We have sent $5000.00 USD already ,that was
given to you by the European Union, as we are mandated to send you the
total sum of $300,000USD through Western Union.send name, address,phone
number.Processing your first payment of 5,000 USD.to collect /
Sender;s first name:Nelson last name:Rowland Mtcn: 2774950359

You are required to check your transfer status online at our link for
confirmation by clicking on the link below:

Rev Jose Alex
E-mail: western.uniondept1@helixnet.cn



Anonymous said...

Funny, how majority of signators on these epistles start with honorific Rev. Is sending spam letters became a side business for priests? Who are the gullible souls that "revere" these people?

I'll raise you your reverend with my Hillary Clinton. Yep, I got a letter headed: "By request of Hillary R. Clinton, Head of State".
Really illuminated my bleak day.

miriam said...

I can see how Hillary could really make your day.