Saturday, June 25, 2011

How to lose weight

Now that Mr Charm is being rehabbed and I don't have to cook for him, it's an ideal time to tackle that weight loss diet.

Here's how a proper, healthy, but low calorie diet plan works.
1. Plan meals.

2. Buy healthy food, like veggies. Spend time selecting the most luscious, freshest produce.
3. Spend hours assembling, dicing, chopping and stirring really yummy meals.
4. Eat yummy meal.
4. Clean up mess in kitchen.

But this is what I usually do:
1. Go to frozen food department, fill basket and get out of there in 10 minutes
2. Microwave something.
3. Eat not so yummy but admittedly convenient meal.
4. Throw out box.


Anonymous said...

Does your diet of microwave dinners work? I'm willing to try!

miriam said...

The microwave diet worked when Mr Charm was in the hospital; I was so tired I didn't get around to cooking them until I was exhausted.

That stopped working. Now I have plenty of snacks to keep me going.

I do think it helps to stay out of the kitchen. When I am too involved in preparing food, I seem to eat all the time.