Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Stuff nobody eats any more

Nobody eats these things any more:
 Jello in a mold with cream cheese, fruit, and nuts;
Beef Wellington
Meat loaf with tomato sauce poured over it;
salmon patties;
scalloped potatoes;
celery stalks with cream cheese/peanut butter stuffed in it;
Ambrosia salad;
pickled beets;
creamed corn.

I could think of a lot of other things; these are just off the top of my head.  That Jello mold thing, that was considered quite the piece de resistance.  I never saw anyone eating it, though.  But the presentation was dramatic--it looked like a sculpture.  And what happened to garnishing food with a sprig of parsley?  Or lamb chops with little paper handles?  Or lamb chops at all, come to think of it?

All anyone seems to eat nowadays in breast of chicken, along with some form of broccoli, and arugela. 



Kitten said...

We do eat the stuffed celery, good hand held snack for kids, but I'm not sure my kids have ever had the other items and I've only had them a few times as a kid.

I'd add potato and egg salads as thing my generation doesn't eat and my kids have probably never seen.

Anonymous said...

"Anymore"? I think I never, ever ate them - with exception of scalloped potatoes (if by that oyu mean potatoes au gratin)

Ambrosia salad, especially, sounds enticing...

As to parsley: check. And the lamb chops: still do, with pleasure.

miriam said...

Tat: Ambrosia salad isn't a salad; it involves mandarin oranges, marshmallows, shredded coconot and God knows what else.

Scalloped potatoes involve sliced potatoes with seasonings and milk baked in the oven for a long time. No cheese.

Anonymous said...

aaaawwww. that's how dreams crash.
as consolation and speaking of jello, I present this little masterpiece by Stephenesque.

The Sanity Inspector said...

I was & continue to be fond of celery sticks with pimiento cheese spread smeared in 'em. Force feed them to my kids, too.