Sunday, January 23, 2011

Paint chips


I have been looking at paint samples, trying to make up my mind about a color for my en suite bathroom. I wanted rose, but do not want my bathroom to be the same color as the inside of someone's mouth. So maybe I'll take the coward's way out and use up the turquoise paint I used for the other bathroom. Any suggestions?
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Anonymous said...

what color are the fixtures there? does it have a window? how big is it?

if you don't want to go in and out of a paint store for pain chips, here's a link to Benjamin Moore Virtual Fan Deck; you can browse colorways and shades in several lines.

You can also look at Sherwin Williams, I prefer their pigments to those of BM.

miriam said...

Walls and fixtures are currently white. Tile white. Floor dull beigy white. It's a small room, but infinitely boring.

The hall bathroom was painted turquoise and I have some left. I wanted a shade of dusky rose that I am afraid does not exist. Not pink. I HATE PINK.

I've looked at the Moore website in the past. Too many choices.

Anonymous said...

You need something in a warm taupe/coral border. But not saturated, in light grayish family.Let me see...
Try these:
-deer field
-nature's symphony
-basking ridge beige
-milk shake

there is one with a bit more hue: salmon mousse

Kitten said...

Is it bad that I when I read "paint chips" I was expecting a story about the eating thereof?