Thursday, January 06, 2011

My new career

I retired as a librarian a few years ago, but I have found a new career in retail. Not retail, in the usual sense; my new career is as a consumer.  And how easy it is!  I don't even have to leave home.  I can buy over the Internet, and I do.  Electronics, cameras (I have three), an iPhone, books, clothing, furniture, dishes.

Don't blame me for the state of the economy--I'm out there, doing my best to be a one-woman stimulus program, but I can't do it alone.


Kitten said...

This was my first year for on-line shopping and I have to admit I'm a little concerned at how convenient it is. Anything I want or need, just three days away no matter where I live, is awesome. I forsee the spending of big bucks if I don't keep a close watch on my budget.

miriam said...

It's so convenient it's addictive. Before I retired, I did not have time to explore it thoroughly.