Saturday, January 29, 2011


You decide.

My blood pressure is elevated and still rising when I read this stuff, from the Delaware Jewish Voice:  (link?  Don't be silly!)

Jewish Teens Learn about Political Involvement

On Sunday Dec 12, Congrgation Beth Emeth's 9th and 10th Graders had the opportunity to study with Joshua Schoenberg, Executive Director of the Delaware Democratic Party.  After studying text with the synagogue's rabbinic intern... the students learned about the importance of community and political involvement from a Jewish perspective....

This one is not so bad, considering that Coons is a Senator:
On Sunday, Jan 9, Senator Chris Coons and Hailie Sooifer, his foreign and defense policy avisor, came to Congregation Beth Emeth in Wilmington to address Jewish teens and their parents on Israel, advocacy, and the importance of confirmation.  [Obviously Jewish confirmation is something Coons is an expert about.]

The thing goes on about Coons' love for Israel and the Jewish people, yadda, yadda and is of no further interest to anyone except possibly his mother.

Does the indoctrination have to start this early?  Are these kids going to be turned into automatons at the age of 16?  Will they consider Republicans as beyond the pale, possibly eaters of human flesh who moreover never take showers?  Will they ever meet a Republican, or anyone who thinks differently from themselves?  Just asking.


Steve B said...

Is it a private school or school-age kids from a synagogue? Is it indoctrination if they are Jewish kids?

Maybe the response should be for Republicans to try and get equal time?

miriam said...

It's a synagogue. My point is, equal time should be given to the other side. the Democratic Party is not the only political possibility in Delaware. Well, maybe it is.