Friday, January 28, 2011

geography lesson

The president seems to have an obsession, or what we would call "a bug up his a**" in reference to a less august personage, about high-speed rail.

Can you say high-speed rail? The president can. He mentioned railroads six times, because how else are we going to win the 19th century back?

I suggest the president get out a map of the United States and measure the immense distances from coast to coast and from north to south. I know high-speed rail works for Joe Biden--he even found his way here to report for jury duty, for God's sake--but it works for him only because it is highly subsidized. It would never pay for itself.

Obama may have forgotten, he's so used to flying around in Air Force I, that there are things in this country known as "airplanes"--and you don't even have to build roadways for them! All you need is a place for the things to take off from and land in. These are called "airports." Airplanes need no expensive right of ways, no land acquisitions, no eminent domain condemning taxable property. They fly in the sky! They can get you from NY to CA in 4-5 hours, and vice versa. The toughest thing about flying is getting to them through the roads built by President Eisenhower in the 50s and not expanded to meet the needs of the citizens of today.

Suggestion: Instead of high speed rail, why don't we expand and maintain our highways, bridges and tunnels? You know, the ways most people get around!

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