Friday, December 10, 2010

It's nice to go to college

but it's not going to get you anywhere.

In 1992 119,000 waiters and waitresses were college degree holders. By 2008, this number had more than doubled to 318,000. While the total number of waiters and waitresses grew by about 1 million during this period, 20% of all new jobs in this occupation were filled by college graduates.

So if you want to go to college, do so in a disinterested pursuit of knowledge for its own sake.

Or consider it a four (0r five) year adventure in drinking beer and having fun.


creakypavillion said...

What's more, if you go to college 30 years ago, it will lead you to nowhere now, too.

The only category HR managers are interested in hiring are graduates (preferably with dual Masters) and 5-year work experience. One recruiter actually posts [not-PR, but abs. true-in-reality] statement on his ads: "Candidates possessing more than 8 years experience need not apply".

miriam said...

I didn't think it was meant to get you anywhere. You were supposed to become an educated person.

In other words, not an ignoramus.

As for HR managers--what a bunch of clods! Why they must be interposed between supervisors and those who do the work is a mystery to me.

creakypavillion said...

Well, in this particular case HR managers simply follow supervisors' orders. The word "threatened" comes to mind...

miriam said...

If HR managers simply follow supervisors' order, why must we have them? Surely robots could do the job just as well.

creakypavillion said...