Thursday, November 11, 2010

I'm thinking of retiring from blogging

See, I've just won a lot of money and won't need the Adsense income:

Coca-Cola Prom
230 Lyndhurst Road
South Africa
We wish to notify you that your email address was generated during the FIFA Soccer world cup finals in South Africa and has won you $1,220,000.00 USD (ONE MILLION TWO HUNDRED AND TWENTY THOUSAND UNITED STATES DOLLARS) to claim prize (Tel) 0027-71-578 -9360, email or sms your contact details to (SMS) 0027-78-774-8482 or Email: or
Contact Person. Shawn Zulu (For your Payment Process)
Your Ref No: FIFA2010/00453EURO.
Kindly email us the below details.
Full Names:
Direct Mobile Number:
Ref No:
Note: if ever you are under 18, you will be automatically disqualified unless you provide us with the information of someone who is above 18 years of age.
We Congratulates you on behalf of FIFA and its Partner for making FIFA2010 successful.
This is brought to by the FIFA Partners below:

And they didn't even ask for my bank account number--it must be authentic, right?

I especially like the name, Shawn Zulu.


paul mitchell said...

Please try not to spend this all in one place, mmmkay?

Anonymous said...

They omitted your mother's maiden name. And the name of your childhood pet.
I think they are too heartless to be trustworthy.
Don't take their money! Stay with us!

John Salmon said...

I'm friends with Shawn Zulu's brother, Fred Zulu.

miriam said...

You're just jealous.

chemo62 said...

im a little skeptical because i got the same email............or maybe more than one person won idk:/

Johanna said...

Is this for real? i did recieve the same e mail on November 24th.

Anonymous said...

yeah me 2, have you got your winnings yet?