Thursday, October 07, 2010


I was gobsmacked when I realized that the chap running for governor of California on the Democratic ticket is none other than Jerry Brown.  I remember him from the days when he and I were both young.  I was a mere slip of a thing, and he was governor of California,  known  by the voters of California as "Governor Moonbeam."

A strange lot, the voters of California.  This man has been mayor of this and auditor of that and treasurer of the other thing.  The one career he has never tried was a nine-to-five in the private sector.  But his re-appearance on the stage is a near miracle, akin to the endurance of Rasputin, the sinister Russian monk who survived many attempts to kill him back in the day.  He is like a clapped-out hooker of 70 still proudly displaying her wares by the side of the road, next to the teenaged competition.


paul mitchell said...

I love this post.

Anonymous said...

oh, Miriam, that was brutal!

miriam said...

Just telling it like it is.