Sunday, October 17, 2010

Money tree

Somewhere in political lala-land  there is a "money tree"--something that continually, endlessly, and painlessly gives off money.   The money tree, like its animal counterpart, the cash cow, is just waiting to be found.

Voters in New York thought they had discovered a money tree in a state lottery.  The lottery was enacted into law in New York, but failed to put an end to the state's fiscal woes.  Several years later, the voters in New Jersey--one of whom was me, sad to say--thought they had spotted this exotic form of flora in legalized gambling.   Er, no.  Atlantic City gambling was legalized but the state still has empty pockets.

Now California thinks they have discovered the identity of this new form of plant life in the legalization and  taxation of cannabis.  The best of luck to them.

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