Monday, October 04, 2010

disgusting commercial

You  know the yogurt commercial where a bunch of women are licking yogurt lids and putting them in envelopes to mail?  I feel sorry for the poor wage slave who has to open these envelopes with their yogurt residue and their icky disease-ridden saliva.

Haven't the people at Yoplait heard of germs?  I would as soon open an envelope laced with anthrax.

I dislike yogurt commercials generally.  There's one, with Jamie Lee Curtis, where a man is speaking with his mouth full.  And another where Heidi Klum pokes her finger in the yogurt container and sighs orgasmically.  Also on my list of the top ten stomach turners is the discussions of various people's digestive systems so dear to the heart of many advertising creative geniuses.

Let's keep it clean.


airforcewife said...

I have to say that I love the Richard Simmons yogurt commercial. It's not because of the yogurt, though.

Richard Simmons just generally makes me smile.

creakypavillion said...

oh, Miriam, I have a loooong, looooong list.
Starting with female hygiene products.

Carpe Jugulum said...

We don't get those commercials in Australia *sob* naaaah, i can't back that up, i just can't stand yogurt