Thursday, August 12, 2010

Brilliant sofware engineers

I have a Technorati account but I can't access it. When I try to sign in, I get this e-mail.

There is more than user account sharing email address ******

To reset your password, please choose one of the usernames listed below and enter it in the Password Reset form at

We will be consolidating accounts in the future, so please consider using just one account, or using separate email addresses for each account you use.

So I go back to their site and click on reset/password,
I get another, identical e-mail.  I've gotten seven so far.

They don't make sense, even grammatically.  There should be a one between than and Technorati in the first line.

So...I can't access Technorati.

The hell with them.


paul mitchell said...

It has now been two years since they started revamping Technorati. The badges have not worked since then.

Yeah, it is finished pretty much.

miriam said...

How do they stay in business? Pay the rent, make payroll, etc?