Thursday, July 01, 2010

Supreme Court nominee hearing

Senate snoozes.

Kagan is going to be confirmed.  It's all about the numbers.  Kagan is a nonentity, unlike Justice Scalia, who is really brilliant.  She is one of the better Obama candidates, in that she never made bombs in the basement or gave speeches praising Mao's little red book. Yet.

We have 300,000 million people in this country, and lots of them are boring Harvard graduates.  They learned the Harvard game--the admissions game, I mean--in middle school, and were careful to do what it took to get into Harvard:  raise money for cerebral palsy, run half-marathons, volunteer for the school paper, play the cello, and visit old ladies in nursing homes twice a week, while getting good grades and kissing up to the teachers.

I can't imagine she has ever held an opinion that would differ in any respect from that of the faculty and administration at Harvard, Mayor Bloomberg, Mario Cuomo, Mayor Daley (the son, not the father) or Obama himself.

His nominees, except for the lunatic fringe ones who want to give carrots and rutabagas the vote or emulate Cuban health care, are ticket punchers.  They look different, but at heart they resemble Chiclets.  So she's fifty.  Another thirty or forty years on the Supreme Court bench and she'll retire and leave an opening for another just like herself.

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