Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Young man in picture frame

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This young man was hidden in a picture frame I bought at the same tag sale where I bought the photo of the young girl. I can't date his picture as accurately as I can hers because men's clothing styles don't change like women's do, so his picture could have been taken any time.

I fancy the two have a family resemblance, but that may just be my overactive imagination. Anyway, his picture was turned face inward within a picture frame and I only discovered it when I took the picture out to insert one of my paintings.

I must make a mental note to leave all my photographs to a library if I don't want strangers buying them or worse, discarding them.


Carpe Jugulum said...

Hi Miriam

I've done some lurking through old photos & i think that the young mans photo could be dated from between '79 to '82, the haircut, tie & suit lapels seem to fit that time peiod. I couldn't make out if he is wearing a suit vest, but if he is that's a fair estimation of the timeframe.



miriam said...

I thought I spotted a vest on the left. The time seems about right to me. In the sixties and early seventies men wore long sideburns.

Pity nobody wanted to take his picture home.

The Sanity Inspector said...

I once saw a sizable online archive of old photos of unknown people, can't locate it at the moment. I've also seen old photos of unknown people--maybe cartes de visite--for sale in antique stores. Sobering to think that someday that may be all that's left of me...