Sunday, June 06, 2010

Ill wind

We have been having some really nasty weather.  Hot, humid, sultry, with an unhelpful wind that doesn't blow anything good, but supposedly foreshadows a storm.  It's a wind that so far as I know doesn't have a name, like a mistral or Santa Ana, but should.

My plants look like they've died of heat exhaustion, and no wonder.  I can almost see them panting for water.  I'm thirsty myself.

I wish  the storm would come, but when it does, we will probably have another power outage.  We had one earlier in the week, and were just comfortably settled down with our candles and flashlights to do a bit of grumbling when the power came back on.

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Carpe Jugulum said...

If it's any comfort it was a blistering 4C when i left for work this morning. Geez i hate winter in Melbourne (that's Melbourne Oz troops)