Saturday, June 05, 2010

Helen Thomas, lovable bigot

The ethnic background that dare not speak its name.

Nowhere in the controversy concerning Helen Thomas is her ethnic origin mentioned. She's not Welsh, like Dylan Thomas, she's not Jewish, like Michael Tilson Thomas.

She is what Tim Blair calls a Presbyterian.

If a Jew suggested that the Palestinians need to go back to Egypt, from whence they came, I'd hate to hear the ruckus.


Anonymous said...

It is mentioned!! (or, as Victor Borge would say:"By...all means!")

See this.

And I agree with Karol: Tomas should not be fired. A master manipulator like her will take it as a chance to claim martyrdom in the hands of "media Jews". Let her stay - and see her surroundings in the WH, nodding at her every nazist word.

Carpe Jugulum said...

I'd go with Helen Thomas, weapons grade stupid. She really needs to get her synapses engaged before she speaks.

miriam said...

I don't think she's stupid or senile. I think she's the genuine article--a sincere anti-Semite.

Anonymous said...

oh no, she's not senile. She just old enough and feels indestructible enough, after 50 years of holding a honor position in WH press-conferences, to speak her mind, to open up and give it straight. She says openly what's on the minds of many in this leftist administration. She can afford it: she's protected by her age and status.

Carpe Jugulum said...

Hi Miriam, i find it difficult to comprehend how anyone in the MSM could actually speak such twee bulltish, sure they may think it, but to actually articulate such a vile thought leaves me shaking my head.

Interesting times i guess.

airforcewife said...

The thing is, those who don't follow the news or politics (probably over half of the public) have NO idea who Helen Thomas is. So this completely blows by them.

I found something else that recently happened more insidious, and it bothered me a great deal more. I follow boxing (since I box myself, although I'm horrible at it), and last night one of the three big name Israeli fighters was on the card in New York. There were 20,000+ people watching Yuri Foreman's fight (aside: Foreman is also in Rabbinical school) and nearly all of them were waving Puerto Rican flags. Foreman lost, and the behavior of the referee is being questioned (I certainly question it).

Now, I get the huge popularity of boxing in the Puerto Rican community, and realize that it's probably not such a big thing among the Jewish community in NYC. However, I've noticed that wherever and whatever Israeli athletes compete at/in the same holds true. They're not just fighting their opponents, they're competing in a hostile environment.

Far more of the public pays attention to sports than to the news, and exponentially more so than those that pay attention to the White House Press Pool. I think that we can dismiss Helen Thomas (since she's not as big a deal as she seems to think she is, and it's about time she learned that lesson) and start moving American public opinion where we can.

Hopefully the next time Yuri Foreman fights, I can be there.

miriam said...

Insightful comments, everyone. I think that Thomas is one of the secular saints of the media, and everything she says is considered cute.
Somewhat similar to the veneration of the murderous Fidel Castro.