Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Voters win?

Big victory for voters in New Jersey?

I can't agree. This is what happens. The school board proposes a budget. The voters turn it down. They have been overwhelmingly voting down school budgets for years.

The school district then appeals to the State Department of Education, causing the municipality to hire lawyers to fight the school district. The school district wins. The voters are overruled.

Then the municipality gets to pay the lawyers for their side and the lawyers for the school district.

It's tough for voters to win.


creakypavillion said...

unless the governor cuts budget for State Department of Education and fires half of their staff, so each employee is forced to do the job of three (as all in the public sector have been doing for the past 1.5 years), and don't have time to file lawsuits against municipalities anymore!

Everybody wins - except the state department of education -and those parasites should try to find a real job, for a's better for their souls.

miriam said...

They have souls?