Thursday, April 29, 2010

Let me see your papers

A young friend of mine who had only had his driver's license for six months, was stopped in darkest Passaic New Jersey late at night. There was nothing wrong with either car, or driver. But he got a ticket, which required a court appearance.

His offense? Driving without his license. He had a license but not with him.
In New Jersey, not showing your driver's license when stopped by a policeman is a crime. Fortunately, when he showed up in court, the prosecutor and judge both dismissed his case and went back to prosecuting real criminals, of which there are many in Passaic.

I have to show photo id when visiting my doctor. Trampling on my civil liberties? You make the call.


John Salmon said...

It's gonna be even worse in Arizona.

Anonymous said...

Hey, every time I enter ANY commercial building in Manhattan, I have to show my ID to a guard/concierge. Some even request that I HANDLE it to them (not policemen, not any kind of government employee) - as they are checking if my photo and basic info matches; and then they enter my personal data into the building security computer network.

And then there are some that after all of that will only issue me a temporary ID tag, which I'll have to hold close to receiving screen at the tourniquet, and only after recognition of computer the tourniquet turns and I'm allowed into the elevator lobby.

What's more, in government buildings (courthouses, f.i.), all visitors are standing in involuntary queue to magnetometers! Without division to citizens and not!

The affront!

miriam said...

Soon, I believe they will have eyeball recognition--or whatever they call it--on your driver's license.

And of course, they have video cams on most street corners in England. Not that that has improved the crime situation any.