Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Missing Charlie Rangel

Charlie Rangel isn't gone yet, and I already miss him.

Charlie was a good old boy, New York City division. He was sort of a crook--that's a given. He's a member of Congress, isn't he?

Now we will have a raving lunatic in his place:

Pete Stark is just a bully — a crass, tasteless, and stupid bully.

Thanks, Nancy.


John Salmon said...

And now Stark, too, is gone. This is New York politics writ large.

Carpe Jugulum said...

That would be 2 gone in 24 hours, is this some kind of record for the USA, curious minds in Australia need to know.

Although if i had to deal with Pelosi i'd probably only last 1 hour. ;)

miriam said...

Two from the same political party demoted within 24 hours is quick work.