Monday, February 22, 2010

Glenn Reynolds reviews Gloria Allred's appearance on Hannity

He got the same impression I did:

WATCHING GLORIA ALLRED ON HANNITY, trying to make the argument in favor of her porn-actress client who had a 3-year affair with Tiger Woods. I thought she’d descended into total self-parody before, but I was wrong. She’s plumbing new depths now. Apparently, I’m not the only one who feels this way.

All I can add is, that the obnoxious yenta* rivaled Hannity in interrupting, which Hannity is a master of. It was fun to see that neither one of them would let the other speak.

Gloria seems to be looking for an apology, but I got the feeling that a cash settlement would sooth the young lady's feelings.

*Look it up.


craig said...

I'm sure the porn star would be happy to accept a big check from Tiger, but Allred has a back-up plan. All she has to do is fan media interest in the story and some publisher will sign her client to a book deal.

GA represented several people who cashed in on the Scott Peterson trial with tell all "memoirs". Pulled the same deal with the OJ case.

She gives ambulance chasing a bad name.

miriam said...

The lady doesn't look like she could sign her name, let alone write a book.

As a porn star, she has found a calling which employs all hr talents.