Monday, February 15, 2010

Forgive me for asking, I'm new to Delaware...

but who is responsible for removing snow from the roads and streets--in Delaware, I mean?

It appears to be "nobody."

The county doesn't do it.

The State doesn't do it.

There is some kind of arrangement that homeowners associations are supposed to pay for snow removal in sub-divisions and then the State will reimburse them for 75% of the cost.

Excuse me, aren't snow and ice public safety issues? Public safety affects all of us; it's not something you can contract out. Isn't this a legitimate function of government? Since when is a sub-division a political body authorized to remove snow?

The snow on the secondary streets in New Castle County is hazardous for drivers and even pedestrians. Fortunately the schools are closed, but when (and if) they re-open, no school bus will be able to navigate these streets.

Delaware, pray for warmer weather. Only God can help you.

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