Friday, January 01, 2010

The rocky road to Dublin

Mr Charm has decided that he will no longer attend movies in theaters. He says the music, particularly in the previews, is way too loud.

I saw Sherlock Holmes on Christmas Day. The music was way too loud. There ought to be a ban on drum rolls in movies, along with cimbals, trumpets, and the little thing they hit with a stick. Does the guy who plays the little thing you hit with a stick have to audition? Just thought I'd ask.

I only liked one thing about the movie, the song The Rocky Road to Dublin.

It sounded like it was sung by Tommy Makem, but I could be wrong. And it was played way too loud.

Oh, and to be fair, London looked nice too, but awfully crowded, more like Calcutta than London.


John Salmon said...

As a trumpet player I must disagree with banning God's instrument from the cinema, but I agree movie music is way too loud typically. Movie moguls figure, I suppose, that most people will be bored without all sorts of sensory overload, including musical mayhem. Unfortunately they're probably right.

miriam said...

I'm not really against all sorts of trumpet music. I love trumpets, particularly when played by Wynton Marsalis. The trumpet is a royal instrument.

Furthermore, my grandson plays the trombone.

Let's have some movie scores with nothing but violin quartets playing.

airforcewife said...

I think movies are not the only place music is too loud. I make one of my children "man the remote" whenever we watch TV to adjust the sound as necessary. The talking is too soft, the music and explosions are too loud...

Or maybe I'm just getting old.

The kids and I saw Sherlock Holmes on Christmas Day as well, and we really enjoyed it.

miriam said...

I did not like the movie, but that may be because I have a settled view of Sherlock Holmes and I don't like the idea of him swinging through the air like a trapeze artist.

Also, I'm cranky.

Patrick said...

It's actually perfomed by "The Dubliners" & with Luke Kelly singing but has been sung by Tommy Makem & The Clancys as well as many other Irish & international acts incl. The Chieftans & The Rolling Stones, The Pogues & The Dropkick Murphy's

miriam said...

Thanks, Patrick. I once heard Tommy Makem sing it and I swear he sang it all on one breath. It was spectacular!

Luke Kelly was also very good. It's a good song.