Sunday, January 10, 2010

Harry Reid's racist remark

Pretty damn mild, for a racist remark.

I'm an ardent Reid non-supporter. I believe he's far from the sharpest knife in the drawer, but if this is as racist as he gets, I say we should forget about it. I sort of understand what he was trying to say, and so does everyone who has lived beyond the age of twelve. He did not express himself well, but then he never does.

I'm sick of all this petty stuff. Obama continues to play golf when an airplane is almost blown up. So what? He had a telephone and staff with him didn't he? If he needed to know something or decide something, he could do it. If he wanted to have a press conference or make a statement, he could do that.

Some things are important and speak to character. Ben Nelson's sellout of Nebraska was deplorable and reveals a lack of moral compass. That's important, and serious.

But the most deplorable action any American political figure has taken in my lifetime was Ted Kennedy's leaving a woman to die in Chappaquiddick. Liberals give him a pass because he did so much that was good for the country, in their eyes. But it was an indelible moral stain on his character. Other politicians have performed illegal actions and made idiotic remarks, and of course most of them are stealing us blind. That's a given. But no one died as a result.

Let's deplore what's really deplorable and forget about Michelle's clothes and Harry's remarks and whatever other gotcha moments that come up.


airforcewife said...

The remarks I can get past. It's the hypocrisy that gives me an ulcer.

miriam said...

I totally take your point. But I'm willing to cut public figures some slack, particularly if they are spouses or children of politicians.

I've put my foot in my mouth too many times not to overlook it when someone mis-speaks.

John Salmon said...

Well said, Miriam. Lefties were ready to make Teddy Prez despite Kopechne-thank God the rest of us wern't.

airforcewife said...

I think I'm Typhoid Mary for foot-in-mouth disease. So mis-speaks aren't as horrifying to me as some would like them to be.

But hypocrisy - from anyone - drives me batty. I have to turn off the TV whenever Newt Gingrich speaks because often family values enters the pictures and the idea of HIM speaking about family values makes me retch.

I don't forgive one ideology (I know you weren't accusing me of that, just point making). Actually, I'd like to throw them all out and start over - clean slate.

miriam said...

I think we did get rid of everyone competent and start all over when we chose Barack Obama, a totally naive chap who has no clue.

Maybe someone with a little experience next time?

Anonymous said...

Miriam, he is not naive.
Or, rather he is as naive, as any given limousine liberal (or "caviar socialist" as they are called in France).

Someone with his record of racist church-going, his Chigaco thuggery tactics towards opponents in the race (local as much as national), the dirty deeds re: his getting his Chicago townhouse, his wife's magically doubled salary after his election as Senator; hell - even his phoney academic record - all these doesn't speak of him as naive.

As a calculating bully in sheep's clothing - yes. But not naive.

miriam said...

He may not be naive, but he's not smart enough to fool everybody.