Saturday, August 01, 2009

Woman to be flogged for wearing trousers

So what else is new?

She had arrived at the Kawkab Elsharq Hall on a Friday night to book a cousin's wedding party, and while she waited she watched an Egyptian singer and sipped a coke.

...She left less than an hour later under arrest as a "trouser girl" - humiliated in front of hundreds of people, then beaten around the head in a police van before being hauled before a court to face a likely sentence of 40 lashes for the "sin" of not wearing traditional Islamic dress.

The officials who tried to humiliate her expected her to beg for mercy, as most of their victims do.

Instead she turned the tables on them – and in court on Tuesday Mrs Hussein will dare judges to have her flogged, as she makes a brave stand for women's rights in one of Africa's most conservative nations.

Please tell me what makes this hideous regime "conservative?" Did Ronald Reagan disapprove of women in trousers? How about William F Buckley? Did Barry Goldwater declare, "Moderation in the flogging of women who wear trousers is no vice?"

Is the banning of women wearing trousers part of the Republican platform, right up there with opposition to abortion?

No, no and no. To journalists, conservative is the word for evil. They believe Hitler was a conservative. It's the worst thing you can call anyone, except fascist.

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