Saturday, August 15, 2009

Preventive care

Often pronounced, by those who have too many syllables in their database, as "preventative" care, preventive care is the focus of the Obama Health Plan, called by some the Obama Health Insurance Plan.

In this scenario, doctors will urge their patients to get a grip, stop eating themselves into the grave, get out there and exercise, stop doing drugs and get their teeth cleaned regularly. This should work wonders. We were all just waiting around to be told these things by someone in a white coat, as we have all been locked up in a lead mine or on a polar expedition for the last twenty years and didn't get the latest recommendations for healthy living.

By the way, how's that smoking cessation program working for you, Mr President?


Anonymous said...

Oh but now it'll be different. I guess in the fine print there, amidst stretches of incomprehensible legalese, there is built-in "progressive" punishment index. I wouldn't be surprised, given Dr. Emmanuel's pronouncements, if those who still doesn't show the signs of compliance (or if their diabetes persist even if they clean their teeth 5 times a day) will be denied medical services. [I can't, at this point, call it "health care"; the term is misleading.]

miriam said...

If they tried harder, they would be healthier, wouldn't they?

Try brushing six times a day.