Monday, August 10, 2009


Why does everyone who battles cancer have to be labeled "courageous"?

[Specter] has had his very public and admittedly courageous battles with cancer, battles for which he undoubtedly had the best, spare-no-expense, medical treatment.

Seriously, I'm just wondering. I'm not criticizing Senator Specter particularly. I've lost several friends to cancer, and they suffered terribly under the treatment. But when the alternative is death, everyone puts up a good fight.

It might require a bit more courage to fight a health care system that wants to deny you treatment because you are too old.

Dr Zeke Emanuel, 21st century Kevorkian and health care advisor to Barack Obama, surely would not use scarce resources to treat a man Specter's age. Or Ted Kennedy's age, either. Unless he were someone important, not one of the "little people."

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