Saturday, July 11, 2009

Scanner is working

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as you can see.

I finally got someone from Canon on the phone--a miracle! He told me to try this and that, and I did, but nothing worked, until one of us thought of plugging the USB cable into the back of the computer instead of the front. Problem solved.

Of course, the manual said nothing about plugging in USB cables. It is my belief that Canon has left this kind of printing behind, in favor of wireless printing. Which is all very well, except my network, although installed, is mysteriously not accessible. It's there, the computer detects its presence, but nobody and nothing can be connected to it.

That's not to say Verizon hasn't tried. First Ed came by and couldn't fix it. Next it was Hughie. Hughie fiddled with it for hours, and finally just plugged the phone cord into a phone jack that happened to be in the wall. So the Internet works, but the network doesn't. (Mr Charm's computer has the router.)

I can't explain why technology which works in New Jersey does not work in Delaware, and I don't try.

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