Thursday, July 23, 2009

Look what I found!

A 3d model of the Kremlin!

It makes me want to visit there.

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Anonymous said...

As someone said int the comments - it's not complete in elements and not presented very well. Any professional graphic designer who ever done architectural presentations could come up with better product - if they were working, as the guy said, "for weeks". I have an online friend in Israel who does architectural computer rendering for a living. He sometimes post his works. You would never believe his image is not a photograph of an actual place - it is so complete with shades, light (correct to desired time of day and geographical location), various textures, slight distortions of color and value as they happen in real life under light/air conditions. However, all his pictures are of proposed, unbuilt architectural objects. I can only imagine what could he do, in various 3D programs he mastered, with a place whose dimensions, colors, parameters, location and the climate of the place all documented with absolute certainty!