Sunday, May 17, 2009

Our president is better than smart...

he's lucky.

If three people were walking beneath a tall skyscraper: man A, Obama, man B, and someone dropped a brick from the roof, it would hit either A or B, and Obama wouldn't even know something had happened.

Look at his record: Won the Dem primary by disqualifying his opponent; won the election by threatening a juicy scandal about the Republican candidate, intimidating him into withdrawing from the race; then beat Alan Keyes, who is clearly insane and doesn't even come from Illinois. He's never actually won an election before the Big One.

He might not have won that one if the economy hadn't crashed and burned just before the election, causing the electorate to blame Republicans for the mess.

He promised to withdraw from Iraq, but before he could keep his disastrous promise, Gen Petraeus won the damn thing, getting him off the hook. Lucky!

I hope some of his luck rubs off on the country. If we come out of his administration relatively unscathed, it won't be his fault. He believes that in order to fix the economy, we have to mess up health care. That's like a doctor telling you that he can't cure your bleeding ulcer until he cures your acne.

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