Thursday, April 23, 2009

Mandatory cringe-worthy environmental post

This one by Neil Kramer --a blogger I actually like--will do.

As for me, I hate the environment. Environmentalists posture because they think they have a self-evidently superior cause. Few of us want to be sen as defenders of pollution, deforestation, global warming, and a host of other bogus concocted evils.

The only environment I care about is my own. So I turn out my electric lights when I am finished using them, because I don't want my environment cluttered with electric bills. I want cheap energy from nuclear power, if that's what works. I want to live a lavish American lifestyle, using plenty of cheap energy to meet my most whimsical desires, not some thirdworldy existence communing with nature, playing with sticks, and using the outdoors as a toilet.

Give me my cell phone, my incandescent light bulbs, my washer and dryer and dishwasher and all the rest of the gadgets which make my life pleasant and convenient. Big gas-guzzlers which burn lots of cheap gasoline! Building projects which use lots of lumber and spread suburban sprawl all over the countryside! Miles and miles of highways covering the countryside! I love them all.

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