Friday, April 03, 2009

Complaint re: Verizon

Sent to the Delaware Public Service commission:

Every month, Verizon sends me another bill for over $200. there are always extra charges on the bill for movies and services I have not ordered, such as service in Filipino. I am constantly on the phone with them, correcting their billing. The next month there is another extra charge for television programs and movies I have not ordered.

Every month I attempt to pay their bill, by phone or by credit card. They never credit my account with payment and are constantly sending me disconnection notices. About a week ago I paid their bill over the phone, plus a $3.50 charge for this service. Now I get another disconnection notice!

I would pay this bill over the phone yet again, using another credit card, even though I already paid it, but they seem totally unable to post my payments to my account. So why bother?

I recently called them and enrolled in a bundled program, where I am to receive phone, television, and internet service for $109 a month. This has not been put into operation, even though they agreed to set up the account this way.

These Verizon charges are making my life a living hell.

Can you please, please PLEASE ask them to straighten this out?


Joe said...

I went through hell with verizon over faulty cellphones a few years ago. I switched to Comcast for the bundle.

miriam said...

Comcast was worse, if you can imagine such a thing.

Tat said...

if they are so bad to you, why would you give them more business?
Why not get switch to somebody else' cell phone?

I'm generally fine with T-mobile.
Time Warner, on the other hand...and Earthlink's operators with names like "Pebbles", "Frodo", etc all have incomprehensible South-Asian accents...

Harry said...

I'm sorry for the problems you've been having. If you'd like, please e-mail me at with pertinent information and I'll get it into the hands of some people who can help.

Harry Mitchell
Verizon Media Relations

miriam said...

Tat: I don't have cell srvice with Verizon, I have FIOS.

Anonymous said...

Look, Brother Verizon is watching!

Dylan said...

I just saw a study indicating that up to 19 percent of a cell bill goes to taxes, fees, and other unspecified surcharges, so it's not a big surprise to me if Verizon is squeezing you for all it can. In terms of advice, I will mention that I use some online tools to combat wireless overcharging; for example, one great new cell bill savings blog called constantly tracks new ways to cut wireless costs and exposes shady billing practices utilized by the cell phone companies. There's also an online company called Validas at that cuts the average person's cell bill by 22% annually. Validas was actually just on Good Morning America at Being a savvy consumer is becoming increasingly important as the recession cuts into all of our pockets.

Good luck!