Friday, March 27, 2009

A women's seder

I went to a women's seder last night. The atmosphere was pleasant and friendly. The food was pretty good, too--always a good sign.

But what really moved me was the prayers, Torah passages and psalms. They are so beautiful--noble and profound. These words were written down so long ago, and despite every adverse circumstance, they have been preserved and repeated for centuries.

I'm a great skeptic. I find it difficult, as my life plays itself out, to believe there is anything but a great Indifference in the universe. It would be nice to believe in something, but most religious beliefs seem so far-fetched.

And yet, there are still Jews in the world, and every year they still celebrate their deliverance, despite all the hatred and genocide they have endured through the centuries--and continue to endure. The continued existence of this people seems to sugggest that the unlikeliest things can be true, perhaps.


Anonymous said...

I know, wouldn't it be nice to believe? together? be a part of?

But that "something" that supposedly keep us from extinction perhaps (yes, in this case, also, "perhaps") has different explanation. It's like a tiger repellent. Do you see tigers roaming the streets of Manhattan? That's because I'm selling tiger repellent! It's very effective.

miriam said...

As I say, I'm a big skeptic. Still, there's something to be said for keeping on keeping on.