Monday, March 02, 2009

What will we do if health care is rationed?

Realistically, we have much to fear from Obama's health care plan.

Obama’s budget would boost taxes on the wealthy and curtail Medicare payments to insurance companies and hospitals to make way for a $634 billion down payment on universal health care. That is a little more than half the money it would take to extend insurance to 48 million uninsured Americans.

One doesn’t curtail payments without curtailing benefits. I see rationed health care for the elderly and disabled. When I go on Medicare, I expect my benefits to be drastically reduced.

Canadians coped with nationalized health care by coming here for treatments that were denied or postponed--for instance, a patient who would have to wait for a coronary by-pass or a hip replacement could come here and have it done. When our health care is rationed, what will we do? Where will we go?

Get yourself a family doctor in Thailand. I understand procedures are much less costly there. Of course, it's a long commute, and if you have a health emergency you might croak before you got to the hospital, but we must consider the greatest good for the greatest number. Mustn't we?

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airforcewife said...

My MIL's on Medicaid now and her medical costs are simply astronomical. Due to medical interventions and advancements her body has outlived her mind.

While I can't stand the woman, I dont't think the government should be denying her lifesaving care, either. And that is quite the Catch 22.

However, I'm pretty sure that when I'm her age I will not be able to access the same level of medical care. And believe me, I'm a much nicer person than she is.