Thursday, March 26, 2009

Tuesday was not my lucky day

Mr Charm was not doing too well....
No-one was returning my phone calls....
I parked in the street, at a meter. When I came to get the car, my cell phone fell under the car. I had to pull the car out and stop in traffic in the middle of the street, to pick it up. Then I noticed a parking ticket under the windshield.

I got home to receive another disconnect notice from Verizon. As I had paid them over a week ago, I was steamed.

Oh, well, we're all still alive.


Anonymous said...

The only person who paid attention, was my Pilates instructor. At the end of the class he came, leaned over and said: "You're just having a bad day. It'll pass. I was the same this morning - was late to the childcare to drop the kids, stumbled and hurt my foot, my work schedule got messed up happens. Remember - you're still you. Hold on to that."

Miriam, you're still you. We like you.

airforcewife said...

Sometimes life just... is.

I'm very sorry it *is* for you right now.

You have an amazing ability to write things into perspective, though. It's truly a gift.