Thursday, March 05, 2009


I have been cranky lately. I've been living in Toe World, with a bandage and a weird shoe. Sitting in the foot doctor's office, waiting to be seen, I was left to reflect on the decor's total lack of charm or interest.

Why do doctors do this--I mean, decorate their offices with graphic pictures of the respiratory system, the spine, or the foot? If I'd wanted to go to medical school that option was open to me. I chose to be an English major instead. It was a reasoned decision. I hate the sight of blood, guts, bones, muscles and circulatory systems. I don't want to be reminded that I have all that stuff inside of me. Ugh!

What started me thinking along those lines was a poster in the foot doctor's office showing a disgusting toe, whose nail was infected by a particularly ghastly fungus. The nail was about the size of my foot and in glorious living color.

Hint to doctors: decorate your offices with soothing landscape paintings. Seascapes are good, too, as are depictions of tots gamboling in the sunshine of country estates. Portraits. Pictures of flowers, wine bottles or fruit, or a combination of the above. I'll even settle for paintings on velvet; but let's soft pedal the anatomy lesson, okay?


Steve B said...

I've always wondered that too. I'm already nervous enough, usually. I don't need to look at something that looks like it was horribly injured in an industrial accident, its buggy eyes staring at me like some sort of undead creature.


milkchaser said...

Just went to a gastroenterologist Friday, so I know whereof you speak. But I was fascinated by the anatomical drawings -- never knew the liver was so high up in my chest. It gave me something to look at in the 45 minutes I waited for the doctor (he was quite late).