Thursday, March 12, 2009

Bernie Madoff is going to jail

He's going straight from the courtroom.

Cheer up, Bernie! Eric Holder is still on the scene. Maybe he can get you the same deal he got Marc Rich.

Rich was trading with the enemy. All Bernie was doing was what Barack Obama wants to do--fleecing the rich. After all, anybody who has a million dollars or more got it from stealing from the middle class, didn't they?


Anonymous said...

what happened to my long, incredibly intelligent, witty and alltogether brilliant comment I left 2 hrs ago?

miriam said...

I never received it! Damn, I hate to miss incredibly intelligent, etc stuff! curse Blogger!

Anonymous said...

Not Bush? Blogger? Are you sure?

Anyway, what I said, was reiteration of an email one of the viewers of my local TV station (NYOne), signed Nancy, sent to the quick screen poll; she said, in perfect tandem with the new president, that she doesn't feel sorry for the victims, coz they are all rich, you know. They had MONEY TO INVEST! She wished SHE had half of the money they lost.
She'd know then what to do with it. [possibly get out of her projects in Queens?]

We enter the times of what my Scientific Communism professor called "vulgar Marxism".

miriam said...

Here's my take on "the rich:"

If someone offered me lots and lots of money, I'd take it like a shot, so I can't criticize others who have money--I want to emulate them. Not by investing with a thief, though.

Anonymous said...

I doubt they knew he is a thief, at least not majority of relatively small (by his standards) investors. There is a reason people who don't know anything about investing, or stocks, or portfolios (me included, more or less) go to a broker - like Madoff; we console ourselves with notion that he's an expert and knows what he's doing. We are grateful somebody took from our hands this worry - what to do with the money!

miriam said...

I bought mutual funds, and am in a hole like 300,000 million others, minus Ruth Madoff and Warren Buffett.