Sunday, February 22, 2009

Wifeswap doesn't work out

The striking thing about this couple is that they actually make money at their respective professions: he as a "biofuel entrepreneur" and she as a--wait for it-- "weight loss lifecoach." Only in California would you find anyone who would trust either one of them with a potted plant. And yet, they earn a living! a comfortable one!

According to the male half of this caring, concerned couple: "I probably make more in a week than you make in a year."

Take that, you proletarian redneck.


Anonymous said...

What are the professions of the other couple, the one they swapped with? The article doesn't say, and I don't watch the show. I find the idea stupid beyond belief and catering to lowest instincts.
The whole reason the husband and wives choose each other, the reason they lead the lifestyle they do, is because of their specific preferences and personalities. Freedom of association. Why force a proponent of a different lifestyle on the kids and husband? Especially nauseating are the endings of the episodes, where participants express how appreciative they are of being shown the "other side": they learned their lesson! It reminds me of public court cases at the times of Soviet Purges.
All this program does is to fan the flames of the class war - well, maybe that WAS the intent? Well, now they achieved what they wanted. They just don't understand, in their gated existence, the scale of outrage they provoked; sow the wind...

miriam said...

I gather the other couple are fast-food swilling, lower middle class country folk.

Your comments are on the button, as usual. You are an acute observer.

Rachel said...

No one forced this asshole or his wife to be on the show.

Anonymous said...


Interesting that all the reaction of the offending party comes down to, all his/her apologies, is that the remarks were too strong and rudely expressed. Nothing wrong with the notion of superiority itself.

Which is fine, as far as I'm concerned - anyone is entitled to feel superior, on any ground they see fit. Just have the courage to stand by your beliefs.

Anonymous said...

Rachel: true. Same goes for the family they swapped with - nobody forced them to be on the show and invite in their family someone with diametrically different worldview.

That's why I say the whole concept looks like a provocation, to me. An incitement to ignite a class war, in various guises: racial, Coast/rural, low income/high income, liberal/conservative.

airforcewife said...

The other couple were a Middle America mayor and his wife.

I'm actually glad they showed this asshole on TV, show premise aside. Having lived in the SF Bay area and grown up in California I can vouch for the fact that there are quite a lot of people this clueless and nasty.

It's not even a superiority complex. It's as though he and his wife inhabit a caste system the rest of us aren't truly aware exists. We sort of see it, but we don't believe it is there.

For this guy, it is. He was probably at that dinner party where President Obama talked about people being angry and bitter and clinging to their guns.

Seriously - he probably was.