Sunday, February 22, 2009

New California dream

People are leaving.

The buffoonish current governor and a legislature divided between hysterical greens, public-employee lackeys and Neanderthal Republicans have turned the state into a fiscal laughingstock. Meanwhile, more of its middle class migrates out while a large and undereducated underclass (much of it Latino) faces dim prospects. It sometimes seems the people running the state have little feel for the very things that constitute its essence — and could allow California to reinvent itself, and the American future, once again.

I understand a popular destination is Seattle. If they reproduce the government which led them to leave in the first place, Seattle will be California without the sunshine.


Anonymous said...

There was an informative post and discussion @Chicagoboyz about that, a month ago.

Steve B said...

Is "Latino" the PC word for "Mexican?"

Steve B said...
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