Saturday, December 27, 2008

Where's the money, Madoff?

Stanley Bing wants to know.

And, to veer from the point, what a name for a gonif--made off with money, did he? Dickens couldn't come up with a better one.

My idea is that the guy had to be a gambler. Trollope's books are full of young, rich aristocrats who have gambled away towering fortunes. There's not enough money printed by all the world's government printing presses for a compulsive gambler.

You can tell a compulsive gambler because all their relatives are going around with their pockets turned inside out, having given their little all so that poor Bernie doesn't get two broken legs.


Mark J. Astarita, Esq. said...

Gambler? I can't picture him at the craps tables in AC with $50 billion in chips.

More likely an egomanic.

miriam said...

You're probably right. But there are ways to gamble that don't involve the craps tables, or any tables. I don't have any special insight into big tycoons.

So where's the money?

Anonymous said...

...except that his name is a derivative from a Russian surname and means nothing in original language.
Let those whose money he stole worry about it; I seem to lose the ability to count my own: every time I recount, the sum is smaller than the last time.

dick stanley said...

Some say Madoff might have pulled it off (so to speak) if he'd been a better investor.

miriam said...

Dick: It is mathematically impossible to pull something like that off.

dick stanley said...

Ah, well, I am innumerate.